New Home

 My son is always saying something that makes me laugh, smile, think, or just embaresses me. I wanted to share these little conversations or quotes that have brightened my day with others. So here is the first conversation I would like to share. I will post others that I have and new ones as they occur. Enjoy this first one….

As we are pulling up to the house that we are going to rent, our landlord just happens to be a police officer,  my son boasts….                

                “ Look that’s a dumpster, you put trash in it.”

Since we never had one like this one before I was impressed and stated,

                “yes, it is you are so smart.”

As those words left my mouth he continues ,

                “ and dead bodies”




About whatmysonsays

I am a mother of two always entertaining little boys. Some of the things that they say just make my day, so why not share and bringhten yours too.
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